Updating sony firmware

02-Nov-2020 08:56

But, thanks to some kind of software issue and the magic of whatever SU-30641-4 is, the system is not going to it.As I mentioned above, some internet searching reveals that this sort of problem has been happening since the launch of the PS4.As a console gamer, you shouldn’t have to think about the way the system works, or where it’s storing your files, or how the operating system is designed. When my launch Xbox One experienced comical GPU death in the first week(complete with game worlds that would suddenly disappear), a quick trip to Microsoft’s web site was all it took, and a few clicks later I had a shipping label. It was so frustrating and lame, it made me never want to look at a PS4 again. A component will die and it’s off for warranty repair. But what if you’re a PS4 owner and your system software gets corrupted in a way that doesn’t kill your hardware outright, but instead makes it into a ticking time bomb of eventual system failure? And thanks to a weird arcane flaw in Sony’s software design, I went through just that scenario.I get error code “SU-30641-4.”I hope for your sake you I go into the download notifications and select the option for more info, and it makes a vague proclamation about how the software update is corrupted, and I should try the download again. The suggestions are all the same: Use safe mode to either install the update or reinstall the system software.Both Sony and Microsoft rely on integrated flash memory hidden away inside their consoles to store the console’s operating system in case anything goes awry.

Now, I’ve run into a software failure I wasn’t previously aware of that has my machine forever trapped on firmware 6.50. If you’re not on the most recent update, you’ll be kicked off the network until you update the console.

Some folks have had luck with the different recovery options, but many others got hosed just like me.

Too many of the forum threads disappointingly trail off with no solution for us folks stuck in the garbage bin.

[Update Setting Tool replaces Mac OS 10.13 Driver Loader from earlier firmware versions.] 1. When the above message goes away, click on the Resources Folder, click on “System Software Updater” and follow prompts to begin the firmware update. Note: Do not connect the camera to the computer yet. Note: If the current version is up to date, your camera does not need this update.

Make sure the camera’s USB Connection is set to Mass Storage 2. Stop the USB connection, click “Finish”, then remove the battery or disconnect the AC adapter briefly, and then power on the camera again. When the following screen is displayed, reset the camera. On the camera, press the center button of the Control Wheel to reset the camera. At the “Firmware Updater” screen, click “Next”. When the following screen is displayed, click “Run”.

And you’ll need a little knowhow about how to format a storage device and create a directory structure. I download the standalone update to a USB stick on my computer, making sure to follow all the formatting requirements for the stick’s file structure. Resigning myself to losing my game install data and having to re-download my saves from the cloud, I perform a quick initialization of my hard drive. Okay then, time to use that clean install option in the safe mode menu. It was time to open the PS4’s equivalent of the nuclear football. Each time I receive the error in safe mode, I get a much less friendly message than the one in the normal version of the OS.

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