Wardb not updating

11-May-2020 04:57

Which only serves to show that ranking guilds is inherently problematic, because what the "best" guild is depends on the criterion you choose.

A small hardcore guild can certainly claim that every member put in more of an individual contribution.

Probably as there is not much else to buy with gold still.

Strangely one of my characters got "duplicated", i have no idea why and its just a low level with not much stuff on him (8g, yay! I traveled to the Land of the Dead and checked out the "starter area" but due to my UI being messed up so badly i could not go on further. A lot - and i mean a LOT - of WAR blogs closed their sites due to people not playing anymore.

wardb not updating-69

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It's good to see that smaller guilds can gain ranks just as fast or faster than larger guilds, as opposed to the way I remember EQ2 doing their levels. As you can tell most high level guilds are smaller guilds with more dedicated players.

The Lot D hit WAR and i figured its time to go back into the game and get a look for myself what going on, if i should keep my subscription active and get back playing or not.

First thing was an "orgy" of patches and updating addons, which nearly gave me a headache.

I'm still in the process to set up my UI again, since a few mods i used for hotkeys etc.

are not working anymore i have to redo it completely, meh. at least its very viable for me to get the Darkpromise Wards without getting the drop. Although i saw so many people running around in Invader gear and even bits of Warlord, it would take ages for me to get the required renown level.But what would that help if all 219 Casualties members decided to log in at the same time and attack the same keep? In the end the main purpose of a guild is to provide a fun environment for its members.

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