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17-Feb-2021 19:40

When I was a struggling waitress and some amazing customers raised ,000 to help me open my own restaurant, I blindly "gave" the money to a stockbroker without knowing how he was investing it. Leasing a fancy car to keep up appearances when you have to borrow from your 401(k) to make the payments, or don't have enough to fund your Roth IRA? If you don't respect what money can buy, you don't respect money.If you don't respect your financial obligations—paying your bills on time, buying only what you actually have the money for, saving for your future—then you don't respect money.

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Seeking out opinions is smart; blindly following those opinions without thinking through whether they make sense to you—and for you—will leave you drowning in a pool of powerlessness. Purchasing a home with a crazy mortgage just because you think it is your right to be a homeowner—and then not being able to keep up with the payments—is not being true to your circumstances.That would have saved me money and gotten me to happy a lot faster. If you lend money to someone, are you really solving their problem or just getting them off the hook? That was the moment I learned how my powerlessness had cost me a fortune. When I was just starting to make money as a stockbroker, I would come home after a long day and throw my clothes on the floor; by the weekend I had a pile of disheveled items that I schlepped off to the dry cleaner. It was symptomatic of my lack of respect for the money I had worked so hard to earn. I once knew a woman who had serious external power and a super-impressive career.

What I do know is that I do not want to be a victim of loneliness.… continue reading »

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Every single excellent partnership has to start somewhere and gay dating is actually a good strategy to see if you're compatible with people.… continue reading »

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